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~~~~~~~ Divine Call ~~~~~~~~

A New Beginning — 9/22/2022 = 10 = (1)

Guide me to the message,

from the Divine, I prayed.

Staring at my altar

Where the Sun shined.

Flap flap; Kra Kra

They came flying.

Taking the entire street

making it their shrine. 

I wonder, what they bring with them?

Kra- Kra,

they stared at me.

Piercing through my body

Right within my soul.

You are here, bringing new tides?

Kra Kra, this time

sounded more like a roar.

Something within me

Oh! What’s that feeling?

Why that burning

Within my soul?

I asked them, crying

They stared at me

Making even a deeper hole.

Like a fall leaf

Being separated from it’s home.

Or, like a crumbled paper

Unfolding it’s wrinkle

To answer it’s true Call.

Like the fresh branch

Expanding itself, to hold

The Spring leaves, to blossom once more.

The deeper staggering burning

Within me,

As I cried, holding my body tight.

I felt the expansion

of my soul.

I demanded, for messages

through the unbearable pain.

As I heard the Kraaaaaaaa—-

coming from within me…

We stared at each other

As mirrors reflecting

We smiled, acknowledging.

Welcome home.

Manoroma Mimi

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