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Land of Divine Love

Lady Love stood as strong as ever in the Energy Dome, she called her home.

In their lived her family – community of beings and their children. Loved equally.

Outside no one wanted to wander because “the chaos – darkness and shadow”.

Beings who fought, stayed afar from Lady Love’s home.

Trying to destroy and take over what looked heavenly,

To rule and turn it into a battle field.

They tried for millions of years – yet every attempt futile.

He looked at her, anger in his eyes. How she smiled and,

Raised both her hands. Gently expanding, shifting.

Brave ones trying to fight and follow orders

Eventually stopped struggling. Hate has no place in my dome, they heard.

They looked at her, her gaze – so soft, hypnotizing. Pulled them in her home.

Weapons turn into food, desires into dreams, hatred in love.

Rise, she demanded. Welcoming them with love and blessings.

As I watch her, she spreads her wings

Calling us to return home.

To the divine love and light, to become whole.

Author: Manoroma Mimi


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