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Welcome to Healing with Manoroma-Mimi

Heal your trauma and discover your true self

I am your Mindfulness-Visualization coach. Coaching is the bridge between the Mind and our heart, body and our soul, our sub-conscious to our conscious. It is the gateway to our true Divine self. I as your coach will partner with you, walk beside you holding your hand, listening to the unspoken whispers, taking you through your Healing Journey. It’s not going to be easy to shed our old belief system, to wipe off our traumas, overnight. But together we will walk the path filled with resources and trust; and shall rewrite our stories with confidence, self-worth and self-love.

WE AS HUMAN BEINGS ARE CALLED ONCE AGAIN TO HEAL AND HELP Mother Earth and her children ascend and bring peace and justice through Divine Love and Light. Let’s gather around the holy water of our consciousness and heal each other. 

Stone Balancing
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Healing through Love and Light

Born in the East (India), Mimi Das uses her paternal grandmother’s first name (Manoroma) who she believes to be her guardian spirit soul. Manorama Mimi is a Poet, holistic Mindfulness-Visualization coach, mentor, teacher, energy/multidimensional healer and an Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner. 

She writes inspirational, spiritual poems and poems on Social issues (mainly touching issues arising out of domestic-intimate partner violence).She takes her past childhood trauma experiences and weaves them into poetry. 

In her coaching and healing sessions, she uses Mindfulness, Visualization meditation, EFT-tapping, writing prompts, photography, painting modalities. She also provides intuitive multidimensional healing, TwinFlame activation guided meditation, Angelic healing, Golden Light healing.

Her hobbies include writing, traveling, thinking, listening songs, photography, and reading. She had many spiritual experiences throughout her childhood, but her pregnancy and the dream related to her child evoked curiosity and took her to a much deeper level.

She is a Certified Holistic Coach and completed her Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certification. She also has a law degree from India and currently graduated from University of Massachusetts, Lowell with Master’s in Criminal Justice. She currently works in a nonprofit organization and lives in Massachusetts, United States with her husband and son.

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I recently had the opportunity to experience a multidimensional healing session with Mimi. The meditation experience was very beautiful. I felt safe and grounded during the session even when I was emotionally clearing some pain. Mimi provides a loving space for clients to experience her offerings. I highly recommend connecting with Mimi if you’re wanting to get in touch with deeper aspects of yourself to heal and transcend.

Kristina Margaret 

After working several months and knowing Mimi for over 2 years, I am just starting to understand the journey in multidimensional healing. The best way I can explain is by relating to the moment when you are in a situation that would normally stress you out and throw you off kilter. With multidimensional healing on a monthly basis, in these stressful situations, I feel as if I have already experienced it. In short, I can think steady and communicate better about how I feel in that situation. It is so important to understand your body and mind and how they connect, working together to help you make decisions. Thank you Mimi! 

Rachel Maryyanek 

“Mimi did a healing session and reading. She is intuitive and helped exactly  where it was needed. The situation was bad and needed clarity and healing. Almost immediately I was seeing healing happening and the continuation of healing to where the situation had improved dramatically. Truly thankful for the healing and insight. One of the best I have gone to for help in over 25 yrs. 💋💖💋”

Penny Moon

Mimi has led me through several guided visualizations to help me work through some uncertainty I struggled with. The first time, I was apprehensive about how this would work, and I surrendered to the process and to her loving compassion and gifts. The clarity and joy I experienced were very empowering and helped me see the path I wanted to take. I trust her and the modalities she uses to guide me. If you are ready for some compassionate inner guidance or healing, I encourage you to connect with Mimi.

Claudia Holcombe 

"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

Marcus Aurelius

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